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106.“And there was a great battle inheaven; Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon fought andhis angels.” When the Lord had manifested these things to the good and to thebad angels, the holy prince Michael and his companions, with the permission ofGod, gave battle to the dragon and his followers.

106. 「以后,天上就发生了战争:圣弥额尔和他的天使一同与那龙交战,那龙也和牠的使者一起应战。」当天主把这些事显明给天上所有的天使时,圣弥额尔总领天使和他的同伴在天主的允许下,向那龙和牠的追随者们战斗。

It was a wonderful battle, for it wasfought with the understanding and the will. Saint Michael, burning with zealfor the honor of God and armed with divine power and with his own humility,resisted the arrogant pride of the dragon, saying:“Worthy is the Highest ofhonor, praise and reverence, and of being loved, feared and obeyed by allcreation.


He is mighty to work whatever Hedesires. He that is increate and without dependence on any other being, cannotseek any thing that is not most just. To us He gave grace such as we have,creating us and forming us out of nothing.


He can create other beings, as many andin what manner He pleases. It is reasonable that we, submissive and prostratein his presence, adore his Majesty and kingly grandeur. Come then, ye angels,follow me, let us adore Him, and extol his admirable and secret judgments, hismost perfect and holy works.


God is most exalted and above allcreatures, and He would not be the Most High, if we could attain or comprehendhis great works. Infinite He is in wisdom and goodness, rich in the treasuresof his benefits. As Lord of all and needing none, He can distribute them towhomsoever He wishes, and He cannot err in the selection.

天主是至高无上的,高于一切受造物,天主何其伟大,我们不能理解。无限的天主拥有智慧和仁慈,天下万物都是天主的。作为万物的天主,祂什么也不需要,祂可以分施祂的所有给任何祂愿意的人,天主从不制造废物,天主不会犯错。(注: 许多人都会感到自己很渺小,觉得自己是罪人,不堪当得到天主的爱和眷顾,但他们在天主眼中是宝贵的。)

He can love and confer his favor towhomsoever He chooses, and He can love whom He likes; He can raise up, createand enrich according as it is his good pleasure. In all things He will be wise,holy and irresistible. Let us adore and thank Him for the wonderful work of theIn carnation which He has decreed, and for his favors to his people and for itsrestoration to grace after its fall.


Let us adore this Person endowed withthe human and the divine nature, let us reverence It and accept It as our Head; let us confess, that He is worthy of all glory, praise and magnificence, and,as the Author of grace, let us give Him glory and acknowledge his power andDivinity.“


107. With such arms St. Michael and hisangels gave battle, fighting as it were, with the powerful rays of truthagainst the dragon and his followers, who on their hand made use ofblasphemies. But Lucifer at the sight of the holy prince, not being able toresist, was torn with interior rage and sought to fly from his torments;

107. 圣弥额尔和祂的天使们就是用这样的武器作战,以真理的大能之光与龙和它的追随者进行了战斗,后者利用它们的手亵渎神灵。但是路济弗尔在圣王子面前无法抵抗,它被内在的愤怒撕毁,试图摆脱它的折磨。

it was the will of God, however, that heshould not only be punished, but also conquered, in order that by his fall hemight know the truth and power of God. Nevertheless he blasphemed and criedout: “Unjust is God in raising the human nature above the angelic. I am themost exalted and beautiful angel and the triumph belongs to me.


It is I who am to place my throne abovethe stars and who shall be like unto the Highest; I will subject myself to noone of an inferior nature, and I will not consent that any one take precedenceof me or be greater than I.“ In the same way spoke the apostate followers ofLucifer.

我要把我的宝座放在众星之上,我应像至高者一样。我不会服从任何低于我的人,也不会同意任何人优先于我或大于我。 」跟随路济弗尔的反叛天使也以同样的方式说话。

But St. Michael answered: “Who is therelike unto the Lord, who dwells in the heavens, or who to compare himself toHim? Be silent, enemy, cease thy dreadful blasphemies, and since iniquity hastaken possession of thee, depart from our midst, wretch, and be hurled in thyblind ignorance and wickedness into the dark night and chaos of the infernalpains.


But let us, O spirits of the Lord, honorand reverence this blessed Woman, who is to give human flesh to the eternalWord; and let us recognize Her as our Queen and Lady.“


108. The great sign of the Woman servedthe good angels as a shield and as arms of battle against the evil ones; for atthe sight of it, all their power of reasoning weakened and was brought to confusionand silence, since they could not endure the mysteries and sacraments containedin this sign.


And just as by divine power thismysterious sign appeared, so also now the other figure or sign of the dragonappeared, in order that thus transformed he might be ignominiously hurled fromheaven amid the fright and terror of his followers and amid the astonishment ofthe holy angels. All this was the effect of this new manifestation of thejustice and power of God.


109. It is difficult to describe inwords what passed in that memorable battle, since there is such a widedifference between our conceptions, founded on material objects, and thosewhich would be appropriate to the nature and operations of such great spiritsas these angels.

109. 我很难用言语描述那场难忘的战斗中发生了什么,因为我们以物质为基础的观念和这些圣善天使恰如其分的本质及行动,两者之间存在着巨大差异。

“But the bad ones did not prevail” forinjustice, lies, ignorance and malice could not prevail against equity, truth,light and goodness ; nor could these virtues be overcome by vices.


Therefore, it is also said : “From thattime on their place was not found in heaven.” Through the sins which thesedisgraced angels had committed, they made themselves unworthy of the eternalvision and company of the Lord. Their memory was blotted out from his mind,where they had been written by the excellences and graces of the nature givento them.

因此,这里又说:「从那时起在天上再也没有牠们的地方了。」(默示录12: 8)这些背叛天主的堕落天使,彻底而无可挽回地拒绝天主及他的神国,他们被丢到世上,也不能再和天主往来。那曾经赐给牠们本性上的卓越和恩宠的记忆,现在从牠们的脑海中被抹去了。

Having lost the right to the places, whichhad been reserved for them, if they had obeyed, it passed over to mankind. Toman these places were now transferred in such a way that the very vestiges ofthe apostate angels were blotted out and were no more found in heaven.


O unhappy wickedness and never to bedescribed misfortune, which drew after itself such a horrible and dreadfulchastisement! The Evangelist adds:


110. “And the dragon was cast out, thatancient serpent who is called devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world;and he was cast unto the earth and his angels were thrown down with him.” Theholy prince Michael hurled from heaven the dragon Lucifer with the invinciblebattle-cry: “Who is like unto God?”

110. 「于是那大龙被摔了下来,牠就是那远古的蛇,号称魔鬼或撒殚的。那欺骗了全世界的,被摔到地上,牠的使者也同牠一起被摔了下来。」圣洁的弥额尔王子从天上摔下巨龙路济弗尔,战胜地狱势力的天上领军者,大声呐喊:「谁能相似天主」(注「弥额尔」一名意指「谁能相似天主」)

So powerful was this cry, that it sufficedto precipitate that proud giant and all his host to the earth and cast him indreadful ignominy to the centre of the earth. From that time he began to becalled dragon, serpent, devil and satan, imposed upon him by the holy archangelin that battle as a testimony of his iniquity and malice.


Deprived of the happiness and honor, ofwhich he had become unworthy, he was despoiled also of his names and honorabletitles, acquiring in their stead such as designate his ignominy. The wickedplans which he proposed and enjoined upon his confederates, namely, that theyshould deceive and pervert all those that live in the world, manifestsufficiently his wickedness.


He therefore, who intended to scourgethe nations, was consigned to hellish regions, as Isaias says in the fourteenthchapter, to the profound abyss, and his cadaver was delivered to the moth andthe worm of his own bad conscience ; thus was fulfilled in Lucifer all that theprophet says in that chapter.


111. When the heavens had been clearedof the bad angels and the Divinity had been unveiled to the good and theobedient; when they were already admitted into glory and the bad oneschastised, then happened what the Evangelist farther says :


 “And I heard a loud voice in heaven saying:Now is come salvation and strength and the kingdom of our Lord, and the powerof his Christ ; because the accuser of our brethren is cast forth, who accusedthem before our God day and night.” This voice, which the Evangelist heard wasthat of the Word, and all the holy angels heard and listened to it.

「那时我听见天上有大声音说:『如今我们的天主获得了胜利、权能和国度,也显示了他基督的权柄,因为那日夜在我们的天主前,控告我们弟兄的控告者,已被摔下去了。』」(默示录12: 10)圣史若望宗徒听到的这声音是圣言的声音,所有圣洁天使都听见并听从了。

Its echoes reverberated through theinfernal regions and filled with trembling and fear the demons. They did not,however, understand its mystery in full, but only so much of it, as the MostHigh chose to manifest to them for their greater affliction and punishment.


It was the voice of the Son, who in thename of the humanity, which He was to assume, was asking the eternal Fatherthat the salvation, power and kingdom of his Majesty, and the reign of Christmight begin; since the accuser of the brethren of the same Christ our Lord,that is, of man, had been cast out.


It was like a petition before the throneof the most holy Trinity, that the salvation and power and the mysteries of theRedemption and Incarnation be put into execution. He asked that it be done somuch the sooner as Lucifer, being filled with fury, envy and wrath against thehuman nature, which the Word was to assume, was now infesting the earth.


Full of love and compassion the Wordcalls men his brethren. Lucifer is said to “accuse them day and night,”because, both during the day in which he still enjoyed divine grace in thepresence of the eternal Father and of the holy Trinity, he belittled us in hispride, and much more, in the night of his own darkness and of our fall, hepursues us unceasingly with slander and persecution as long as this world willendure.


The Word calls the works and mysteriesof the Incarnation and his Death virtue”,“powerand reign”,because in them, all these really had their beginning and in themwas manifested his great virtue and power against Lucifer.


112. This was the first time in whichthe Word in the name of his humanity interceded for men before the Divinity,and in which, according to our mode of conceiving such things, the eternalFather conferred with the other Persons of the blessed Trinity in regard tothis petition.

112. 这是第一次,“圣言”以他的人性在天主面前为人类求情,并且根据我们对这事的理解模式,永生天父与圣三其他位格商议这个请求。

He also partly revealed to the holyangels the decree of this divine consistory, saying, in regard to thesacraments resolved upon: “Lucifer has raised the banner of pride and sin andwill persecute with all his malice the whole human race.


With cunning he will pervert many men,availing himself of their own passions for their destruction. In the blindnessof sin and vice men will prevaricate, heedless of danger. But his lying pride,his sins and vices, are infinitely distant from our nature and wishes.


We will therefore bring out the triumphof virtue and sanctity; for this purpose the second Person will assume humannature; He will exalt and teach humility, obedience and all the virtues, andthus will secure the salvation of mortals.


Being true God He will become humble andsubmissive. He will be the Just Man, the Model and Teacher of all virtues.These alone shall be accredited before our tribunal and shall always triumph overvices.


We will raise up the lowly and humblethe proud (Matth. 11, 28) ; we will make labors and endurance praiseworthy inour sight; we resolve to help the afflicted and the sorrowful. Let

them be corrected by afflictions andthereby advance in our grace and friendship and, according to theircapabilities, reach salvation in the practice of virtue.


[经文〈玛窦福音11: 28〉:凡劳苦和负重担的,你们都到我跟前来,我要使你们安息。]

Blessed will be they that weep (Matth.5, 3), and happy the poor and those that suffer for justice sake and forChrist, their Chief; and the insignificant ones shall be magnified, the meek ofheart exalted. The peaceful shall be loved as our sons. Most dear shall thosebe to us, who forgive and suffer injuries and love their enemies.











We will assign to them copiousbenedictions of our grace and an immortal glory in heaven. Our Only begottenwill put in practice these decrees, and those that follow Him shall be ourchosen ones, our cherished ones; they shall be refreshed and rewarded by Us;their good works shall be engendered in our own mind, which is the first causeof all virtue.


We give permission to the bad ones tooppress the good, thus helping them to gain the crown, while for themselvesthey increase the punishment. Let there be scandals (Matth. 18, 7) for thecommon good; unhappy be those that cause them, and blessed they that are provedby them.


[经文〈玛窦福音18: 7〉:世界因了恶表是有祸的,恶表固然免不了要来,但立恶表的那人是有祸的。]

The vain and the proud will afflict anddespise the humble; the great and the powerful will oppress the lowly andabject ones. They will give benediction instead of curses (I Cor. 4, 12). Whilethey are pilgrims, they shall be rejected by men, but afterwards they shall beranked with the angelic spirits, our sons, and they will enjoy the seats andcrowns, which the unfortunate and unhappy apostates have lost. The stubborn andthe proud shall be condemned to eternal death, where they will recognize theirfoolish proceedings and their perverseness.“


[经文〈格前4: 12〉:被人咒骂,我们就祝福;被人迫害,我们就忍受;]

113. “In order that all may have a truemodel and superabundant grace, if they wish to use it, the Son will descend,capable of suffering and as a Redeemer, and He shall save men (whom Luciferdefrauded of their happy state) ; and He shall raise them up through hisinfinite merits.

113. (天父看见世界正在罪中走向永远的灭亡),为使所有人都有一个真实的榜样,享有天主的恩宠,天主子将降生来拯救世人免于毁灭和死亡(即被路济弗尔在他们的快乐状态中蒙骗的人);天主子无比的牺牲大爱也使我们获得日后复活的特恩。

We have resolved and determined upon thesalvation of men, through a Redeemer and Teacher, who shall be able topropitiate and to teach, who shall be born and live poor, shall die despised,condemned by men to a most ignominious and frightful Death; who shall beesteemed a sinner and a criminal, and yet shall satisfy our justice for theguilt of sin.


On account of hisforeseen merits We will show mercy and kindness. All will understand, thatthose who are humble and peaceful, those that practice virtue, that suffer andyet forgive, are the followers of Christ and our sons.


Nobody will be capableof entering by his own free will into our kingdom, unless he denies himself,and, taking up his cross, follows his Chief and Master (Matth. 10,22). Ourkingdom shall be composed of the perfect, who have legitimately labored andfought, persevering

to the end.

除非人舍弃自己,并背起自己的十字架,跟随他的“元首”和“师傅”,否则任何人都无法以自己的自由意志进入天主的国度(玛窦福音10: 22)。天主的国度应由成全的人组成,这些人是经受住试验,将起初确实的信心坚持到底,坚持不懈到最后的人。

 [经文〈玛窦福音 10: 22〉:你们为了我的名字,要为众人所恼恨;唯独坚持到底的,才可得救。〈玛窦福音 16: 24〉:耶稣对门徒说,谁若愿意跟随我,该弃绝自己,背着自己的十字架来跟随我,]

These will take part in the reign of ourChrist, now begun and determined upon. For the accuser of his brethren has beencast down; the triumph of Christ is secured; to Him belong exaltations andglory, since He is to wash and purify men with his blood.


Therefore only He shall be worthy toopen the book of the law of grace (Apoc. 5, 9), He is the way, the light, thetruth and the life (Joan 14, 6), through which men may come to Me. He aloneshall open the gates of heaven; He shall be the Mediator (I Tim. 2,5) and theAdvocate of mortals, in Him they will have a Father, a Brother (I Joan 2, 1),and Protector after having been freed from their accuser and persecutor.


And the angels, who like true sons, haveshared in the work of our salvation and power and have defended the reign of myChrist, shall likewise be honored and crowned through all the eternities ofeternities in my presence.“


114. This voice (which contains themysteries hidden since the constitution of the world and manifested by thedoctrine and the life of Jesus Christ), issued forth from the throne andimported more than I can explain.

114. 这声音(其中包含了自世界构成以来所隐藏的奥秘,并借着教义、耶稣基督的生平彰显出来)从宝座发出,让我懂得的比我所能解释的更多。

Through it were assigned thecommissions, which the holy angels were to fulfill. Saint Michael and SaintGabriel were appointed ambassadors of the incarnate Word and of Mary his Mothermost holy ;they were to be ministers for all the mysteries of the Incarnationand Redemption.


With these two princes, many otherangels were assigned to the same service, as I shall explain

afterward (Nos. 201-206). Other angelsthe Almighty appointed as companions and guardians of the souls, to teach themand inspire them with the virtues and sanctity opposed to the vices, into whichLucifer had proposed to seduce mankind.


They were to guard and defend the soulsand to carry them in their hands (Ps. 90,12), in order that the just might nothurt their feet against the stones, which are the snares and the traps

laid by their enemies.


[经文〈圣咏 91: 12〉:他们把你托在自己的手掌,不使你的脚在石头上碰伤。]

115. Also other things were decreed onthis occasion of which the Evangelist says that the power, salvation, virtueand kingdom of Christ began. But among the mysterious works at this time wasespecially the designation and enumeration of the predestined in the secrettablets of the divine mind through the foreseen merits of Jesus Christ, ourLord.

115. 圣史若望宗徒说,其它的关于基督的权能、救赎、美德、国度,在这一时刻也开始了。但是,在这一时期的奥秘工作中,特别是通过我们的主耶稣基督可预见的功德,在神心意的奥密书写板上指定和列举了预先注定的事。

Oh the mysteries and the inexplicablesecrets, which then were evolved in the bosom of God ! Oh, happy lot of thechosen ones ! What can equal this in importance ! What sacrament is so worthyof the Omnipotence of God! How great was the triumph of the power of Christ!


Happy, infinitely happy, the members whothen were assigned and united to such a Head ! Oh great Church ! Oh mightypeople and holy congregation of such a Leader and Master! At the thought ofsuch exalted mysteries the judgment of the creature is rendered powerless, myunderstanding is suspended, and my tongue becomes mute!


116. In the consistory of the threedivine Persons the mysterious book spoken of in the Apocalypse was given and,as it were, delivered to the Only begotten of the Father; at that time it waswritten, closed, and sealed with the seven seals (Apoc. 5, 7), of which theEvangelist speaks.

116. 在天主圣三的会议中,《默示录》中讲述的那本神秘的书卷被赐下,交给了圣父的独生子;如圣史所讲的,那时被写下了,用七个印封上。(默示录5:7)

[经文〈圣咏 91: 12〉:他于是前来,从坐在宝座上的那位右手中接了那书卷。]

When He was made human flesh He openedit, solving in their order the seals by enacting the mysteries of his Birth,Life and Death unto the consummation of all things.


That which the book contained were allthe decrees of the holy Trinity after the fall of the angels; namely all thatbelongs to the Incarnation of the Word, and the law of grace, the tenCommandments, the seven Sacraments and all the articles of faith, and what iscontained in them, the constitution of the whole militant Church.


To the Word as having assumed humannature and as the High Priest and holy Pontiff (Heb. 6, 20), was given thepower to communicate the necessary faculties and gifts to the Apostles and theother priests and ministers of the Church.


[经文〈希伯来书 6:20〉:作前驱的耶稣已为我们进入了那帐幔内部,按照默基瑟德品位做了永远的大司祭。]

pontiff :(1) 教宗;宗座。(2) 主教;教长;大司祭。原文拉丁文,直译为造桥者,引伸为教宗及主教乃天主与世人间的桥梁。这里称呼耶稣为教宗估计不合适,不如直接采用其直译,形容耶稣基督是天主和世人之间的神圣的造桥者。

117. This was the mysterious beginningof the law of the Gospel. In a most secret consistory of the Trinity it wasresolved and recorded in the divine mind, that those who would observe thatlaw, shall be written in the book of life. Here was the beginning of that lawand from the eternal Father the pontiffs and prelates have their power andtheir vicariate.

117. 这是福音律法奥秘的开端。在天主圣三最秘密的一个会议中,它被决议并记录在神的心意中,凡遵守该律法的人,都将登记在生命册上。这是该律法的开始,从永恒的父、教宗、主教,都拥有他们自己的权柄和代理区(教区)。

From his infinite power flows thevirtues of those that are meek, poor in spirit, humble and just. This is theirmost humble origin, and on that account it is true to say, that he who obeysthe superior obeys God (Luc. 10, 16), and he who despises them, despises God.All this was decreed and conceived in the divine mind and to Christ was giventhe power to open in its proper time this book of decrees, which was until thento be closed and sealed.


[经文〈路10: 16〉:听你们的,就是听我;拒绝你们的,就是拒绝我,拒绝我的,就是拒绝那派遣我的。]

In the meanwhile the Most High gave histestament, that is the testimonies of his divine words in the natural laws andin the written laws, accompanying them with wonderful works and manifesting apart of his secrets through the Patriarchs and Prophets.


118. Through these testimonies andthrough the blood of the Lamb, it is said: “They (the just) overcame him (thedragon).” For although the blood of Christ was entirely sufficient andsuperabundant to enable all the faithful to overcome the dragon, their accuser,and although the testimonies and teachings of the Prophets are of great powerand help for eternal salvation ; yet the just attain the fruit of the Passionand Redemption, by cooperating of their own free will with these divine helps,conquering their own selves and the demons, and making use of grace.

118. 通过这些见证和羔羊的血,据记载:「正义者战胜了那龙。」因为尽管基督的血是完全充足和丰富的,足以使所有的信徒战胜那龙–控告者;尽管先知们作证的话和教导具有强大的力量并且有助于永恒的救恩;然而,正义者要获得苦难的果实和救赎,需通过使自己的自由意志与这些神圣的恩宠合作,征服他们自己的私欲和恶魔。

They not only succeed in fulfilling theordinary commandments and counsels of God, but they go to the extent ofsacrificing their lives for the Lord (Apoc. 6, 9) in testimony of Him and inthe hope of the crown and triumph promised by Christ, as the martyrs did intestimony of the

faith and in defending his honor.



119. On account of all these mysteriesthe sacred text adds :“Therefore rejoice, O heaven, and all those that dwelltherein.” Rejoice, because thou art to be the dwelling place of the just, andof their Chief, Jesus Christ, and of his most holy Mother.

119. 由于所有这些奥秘,神圣的经文补充说:「为此,天堂和住在那里的,你们欢乐罢!」 欢乐,因为你是义人及他们的元首耶稣基督和祂至圣母亲的居所。


Rejoice, O heaven, because of all thematerial and inanimate creatures none obtained a better lot, for thou art to bethe house of God, who will endure through the eternal ages, and thou art toreceive as thy Queen the most pure and most holy Creature, that emanated fromthe power of the Most High.


Therefore rejoice, heaven and all thatdwell therein, ye angels and ye just, since you are to be the companions andministers of the Son of the eternal Father and of his Mother, and you are to beparts of that mystical body, whose head is Christ himself.


Rejoice, ye holy angels, because ministeringto them and serving them by your defense and custody, you increase youraccidental joy. Let the holy Archangel Michael, the prince of the celestialhosts, rejoice in particular because he defended in battle the glory of theMost High and his adorable mysteries, and because he is to be the minister ofthe Incarnation of the Word and a particular witness of all its effect to theend.


Let all his allies and all the defendersof Jesus Christ and his Mother rejoice, since during their ministry they do notlose the joys of essential glory already their own. On account of such divinesacraments let the heavens rejoice!




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